If lorem ipsum dolor sit amet and consectetur adipisicing elit makes sense to you, chances are, you are planning to retire from a twenty year type setting job, OR you dig anything nonsense. Well whatever figures for you, this page is for my personal nonsense and thought archives as I move on as a digital entreprenuer. No Conversion here but what the hell ! Ill rant anyway.

FEB 082013


No I cannot go to 18BC Bar even for just a mug of beer less a shot of Weng Weng. And yes I am going to miss the art exhibit on Vocas Bar, I'm too broke to buy anything artistic anyway and oh, I'll pass on Bulgogi and Kimchi on Red Station.

Why? Well because Big John decided to pull out a big chunk from the hopper for me to tie my hands upside down and over.

"...because Big John decided to pull out a big chunk from the hopper for me to tie my hands upside down and over."

While overstating that the project would require a two months’ time frame, Big John explains in his soapbox, that we don't have two months because our beloved sales guy managed to underprice the project, and company cannot cover production costs. Looking at me, making sure I am absorbing the gravity of the situation, he goes on making points on why we can just drop the project and why we shouldn't, all along expecting my constructive say on this.

So I did, though not a bit constructive, I bargained for a month and a half time frame, but Big John shook his head NO, starting his, we-don't-have-a-month-and-a-half spiel. So I tried a month and a quarter, and again he shook his head making sure his disappointment is apparent. I tried a month. NO. Then I cringed as I offered three weeks, which I think is what he wants to hear all along.  

Big John lit up and is that feigned surprise?  "Wow you can nail it in three weeks?" he said and I half shrugged, all the while thinking, oh Jeeze I'm in deep shit. Then he went into probability. He started asking how I can manage this which typically takes a month to complete, and that, which generally takes another month, and how about this and that and that and this. Then probability sinks in, but before I can even agree with him he gave the heads up and now, I'm really in deep shit.

Sensing my emotional response, Big John says that if I nailed it, it's going to be a milestone for a raise. He added that I shouldn’t agonize much on the project and it's OK if I didn't nail it. So I said yes, all the while knowing that he definitely means the opposite.

Now I'm down on a three weeks drop-dead deadline with a tombstone... err milestone for a raise.

So I stamp across all engagements and distractions and proceed to work, literally around the clock. The first week was vicious with too much ground to cover. I'm out on a limb the second week covering more grounds and the last week was pure sheer evil!

Three weeks of being deadly serious and seventeen Marlboro packs later, loose ends finally met. After  all complex problem solving and meticulous dotting of l’s and I’s  I was ready to deliver the project  in a silver platter with bling bling.

So I emailed Big John, carbon copied et al and waited for feedback.  But feedback didn’t came that day, nor the next day and the following week after.  The waiting was painful and I was thinking I definitely screwed up something.  On the second week, I abandoned the wait and decided not to give a damn the third week, while distracting myself to less intense projects.

Exactly four weeks and two days after the drop dead deadline, feedback came and while it was a you-hit-the-home-run result, I can’t help but feel anything other than intensely annoyed. What’s the sense of mad rushing the project if it were to be reviewed four weeks later?  All intense labor and agonizing are all for nothing and I felt empty with no sense of fulfillment.

So I rolled my eyes, took a deep drag from my cigarette  and planned a night of fun and drinking at Miguels bar.

To hell with deadlines! I ain't falling hook line and sinker on the next one.


Pranz on Sep 15 2013 Your website Sir is something that really can kick ass! Greetings from Ciudad de Balsigan



I always fancy thinking inside my box. There are a lot of things going on inside, part shitty but mostly brilliant and my amusement is pretty outstanding every time things come together twice the way I expected. Now I know this sounds somewhat fresh…


Sixty days ago I was descending the confining and not so safe stairway of PNB apartments. Mad rush is over, have had my dose of nicotine and client problems are officially off my back, at least for the time being. Officially it's after work and autonomy…